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For the last decade I've been an Agile web development contractor, preferring to work as near to Bristol as possible but willing to travel for an interesting job. I have had happy periods of commuting to Manchester and Edinburgh. I’m originally from Belfast so I’m also happy to commute across the Irish Sea.

My latest contracts have been working on customer facing transactional web sites for Nokia, Axa, BBC, BSkyB and Axa again. Feedback from these companies has always been positive and I have always had at least one renewal and usually more. I aim to be one of the team, helping forge strong relationships, professionally and socially. I take pride in a team that excels and I aim to be seen as ‘one of them’ rather than a third party expert.

The specifics of my role tend to change from job to job, but I am mostly used as a front-end developer with back-end web service experience. I enjoy working with the ‘full stack’ (Database, C# Rest Services, MVC, JavaScript/Angular through to Css and graphic design). I have also worked as developer-in-test using Selenium to automate functional testing, I see this as a key part of any development process.

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